When does it make sense to have surgery?

The goal of modern septo-rhinoplasty is to correct any functional problems as well as cosmetic defects a person might have. The procedure is intended to optimize air movement through the nose and improve related nasal functions while at the same time creating a shape that ideally fits the face and the personality of the patient.
If any of the following apply to you, you should contact us. You suffer with a functional impediment to normal breathing, in particular if it’s a problem you notice while involved in strenuous physical activity or if you can’t breath freely through your nose during the night. You often feel that nasal secretions are blocking your nasal passages or you suffer with recurring sinus inflammation or infections. Your nose negatively affects your appearance, for example if it’s too big, to wide, has an unattractive bump, is not straight or has some other shape defect in last beauty operation.

In today’s culture one’s appearance plays an ever larger role, second only to health. One doesn’t have to live with the misfortune of having a less than satisfactory nose. Most any unwanted cosmetic defect can be surgically corrected, whether one was born with the problem or it is due to an injury to the nose. With currently available surgical techniques, it’s even possible to correct more extreme deformities. One should nonetheless keep in mind that extremely complex procedures may not be necessary to make one feel like a new person. Sometimes just a minor correction is enough to increase one’s sense of well-being and significantly enhance the feeling of being accepted by others.

Before the Operation
Before the surgical procedure, you’ll receive in-depth information and advice. In the pleasant atmosphere of our practice, we can discuss your problems and symptoms in a relaxed way; there’s no feeling of pressure or obligation to go ahead if you feel something isn’t right for you. Next comes a physical examination in which the inside of your nose including the important relevant structures of the nose are evaluated. At the same time the parts of the nose to be corrected, specifically the cartilage and/or bone, are checked in terms of position, shape and stability. As a part of this ENT (ear, nose and throat) checkup, digital images from six standard perspectives are made. Using these photos, we can more easily discuss what is surgically possible for you. As part of your personal consultation, you’ll learn the details of the planned procedure, be informed of possible complications and find out what is required of you after surgery. You will also receive all of this information in written form.

If, after discussing all your options, you decide to go ahead with the recommended procedure, we’ll take care of organizing all your appointments including any additional examinations that might be necessary. To correct problems involving the fatty tissue under the skin, you have two options for possible filling materials. In my practice, two methods in particular have proven to be the most reliable: injection of the patient’s own fat tissue (fat grafting) with a hyaluronic acid preparation. For the first option, adipose tissue is carefully removed from another part of the body, for example the stomach or hips, and then injected into the desired location: the cheeks, around the mouth, the upper lip, etc. This helps to reduce the atrophy of the tissue that is associated with aging, resulting in a more fresh and youthful appearance. In addition, as a positive side effect, the productions of collagen is also encouraged.

Even though your own tissue is used, some of the injected adipose tissue is nonetheless broken down during the rhinoplasty surgery. For this reason it can be necessary to refresh the treatment after about 6 months in order to achieve an optimal outcome. The positive results can last for years. The harvesting and injection of adipose tissue can take a little longer. In my experience it can be very beneficial to take a few days of vacation for the procedure.

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