How To Wear Earrings Like a Pro

Earrings can be small, basic, or elegant and it can make you look glamorous, feel beautiful, and awesome. It can be a subtle form of a fashion statement and make your personality stand out. But when earrings do not complement the wearer, it will be a disaster ( not – really, but could be awkward for you). Earrings – fancy and fashionable is easy accessory to wear, for what’s the latest trend, the media can help you decide and even provided shops (online and physical store) for you to check out.
Earrings can be more than an accessory, it can be a fashion statement. You can choose between style, material or texture, and color. Always remember to wear Handmade Pom Pom earrings that best consider the shape of your face. It must help intensify your natural beauty while showing elegance and modesty.

What Type of Earrings WIll You Buy?
Be selective in the style you are to buy. There are fine jewelry and fashion jewelry to choose from and with great assortments. So what’s best compliment you? No need to waste money buying earrings that you will toss when you realized it’s a bad fit. It does not have to be expensive, but practically priced. There are shops selling unique earring and other accessories. You just need to do some detective works to get the best value for your hard earned money.

Shall We Start?
The range of earring styles are more varied now than in the earlier times. Do not be fooled by the amount and style that caught your attention. Focus must be on the shape of your face and the type of earrings that will suit you well. The question is how do you wear earrings like a pro?

The Oval (perfect) Face
Your face is considered perfect if it is oval in shape (for once it feels good to be perfect). There is an equal distance between your hairline and the eyebrow and between your chin and the eyebrow. Your features can be softer yet curved or angular and yet sharp.
Aside from having the “perfect face” (in shape – only) you can wear almost all styles of earrings. And you will look best in dangle earrings – guess what shape? Oval of course. Also consider using ear drop earrings, it will create have a symmetrical effect on your face while putting an emphasis to your face natural contour.

The Round (circle) Face
Your face is circular and your nose is considered the focal point. Are you familiar with opposite attracts? Use that law in choosing your earrings. Look for rectangular or irregular shape instead of the rounded ones. Dangling earring are great but avoid the circular or rounded shapes. The goal is to make your face smaller not wider (got it). Elongate your face and reduce puffiness (those chubby cheeks needs to look like they just fasted)
The Heart-Shaped (lovely) Face
You will look amazing in chandelier earrings, dangles, or teardrop style. You can use horizontal hoop earrings to create balance and widen your jawline and create an appearance that your forehead is narrow. People will be drawn to your beautiful eyes, cheekbones and wide jawline.

The Triangular (pear-shaped)Face
This is the opposite of heart-shaped face. The aim is to make the forehead wider while moving the attention away from the jawline. Choose a heart-shaped earrings, and other shapes whose narrow part is right next to the jaw line. You can use ear cuffs for an added width.

The Narrow (small) Face
Your best bet are pear earrings as it can bring additional softness while minimizing the length of your face (overall look). You can also used dangling earring that aims to shorten the length of your narrow face.

The Diamond-Shaped Face
There are styles of earrings that will make your face shine (bright like a diamond) and these are earrings with long, elegant, and soft curves. This will lessen sharpness around your jawline, including your cheekbones. Avoid the temptation of using diamond heart shaped earrings as it can be unflattering.

Regardless of the type of earrings you wear, it will not serve its purpose to bring out your natural beauty if it will not compliment the shape of your face. Your best features must be highlighted even when wearing inexpensive earrings.

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