Life coachingThe key to finding solutions to the challenges facing business
Faced with today, lies just in the development of people. We are developing this disc personality test.
Talking about is focused on the individual individual. Words and techniques around concepts
Such as Knowledge Management, Learning Organization, Value-Based Management, Cultural Development
And emotional intelligence (EQ) can not function as theories – knowledge must
Experienced and integrated in practice – in all human beings – to give effect. The root
For all good?
Most we meet, see that here is an opportunity like you
Little degree has been explored. The challenge for managers is, however, to put off
Time and provide the right “working conditions” around such a process – for it
Really should be able to work. Life Coaching is a technique (method) and one
Perspective that makes this possible in an easy and efficient manner.
Life Coaching is a help for individuals to develop their potential
And pick up own resources. EQ is one of the main themes in Life Coaching because
This is an area that will largely be decisive to our degree of
Success in both work and privacy. Knowledge and developed skills around
Emotional Intelligence can help us exploit our potential, be more
Ourselves, and contribute to the same to others in our environment.

Studies have shown that IQ (rational intelligence)
Can only explain between 1 and 20% (with an average of 6%) of the success one
Have in a given job, while the EQ can explain between 27 and 45% of the success
Have a job
When developing your EQ, you will experience maturation as a human being, and act more
Consistent with positive thoughts (and a positive self-image). This will
Provide increased quality of life, better environment and balance.

In Life Coaching we work with;

Take ownership of your own challenges

Prepare and trust your own values

Concept your own vision and goals

Find the opportunity room and solve the obstacles

Create change management and flexibility

Act out of your own strength

A coach is your supporter to make better choices, see opportunities with new ones
Eyes and give you neutral feedback on your own behavior to solve what prevents
you. This is an interactive process that helps you and your business to
Develop faster, and help you learn from yourself rather than become
A coach helps to ask the good questions. The questions that are redeeming,
Creates reflection or provokes us to grab our own voice and
Reinforce this. A coaching process is based on voluntary commitment
Us to self-development based on a desire to confirm and develop a positive one
self-esteem. Developing a positive self-esteem helps us to get along
Phenomena such as bullying in the workplace, burnout, lack of recognition of
Each other’s inequalities and reduced well-being.

A successful coaching process will give the person a clarity around goals, values
And vision, as well as a help to change behavior in line with this. The questions that are redeeming,
Creates reflection or provokes us to grab our own voice and
Reinforce this.

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