Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Spring is finally here and it’s time for you to relax and unwind after a long day of hauling large cardboard boxes, furniture, exercise equipment, toys, and what not you may have dragged along your stairs to your attic or basement.
Recharge your senses and be at peace with yourself in this cool and sleek inflatable hot tub, forget everything that stresses you with its easy to use control panel with its automatic heating system and many more advanced features

A favorite among consumers, the Coleman Lay-Z is the perfect choice for many individuals and families wherever they may be, the inflatable hot tub is made of TriTech, a very durable material just like an expensive jacuzzis that ensures you won’t fall off your hot tub and be comfortable even if you sit in on for a whole day.It’s very easy to set it up, in fact – you don’t even need tools for it!
This Lay-Z Spa from Coleman is capable of accommodating 4 up to 6 people but it may depend on their sizes.

Bright green color that isn’t an eyesore
Big and wide for a fun party with your friends
Fast and easy set up
254 gallons water capacity
77” by 28” (when inflated)
2, 701 lbs (when filled with water)
104 degrees heating capacity
120 bubble jets

Insulating cover
DVD with installation instructions
Air-padded ground cloth
Chemical floater
*Seats: The hot tub gives you enough leverage when you go in for a dip, however you may add

Soak your aching bones and wash away your worries with this hot tub, considered to be one of the best hot tubs in the market today, this Lay-Z Spa is perfect for anyone in any home and establishment. A very user-friendly hot tub, this Lay-Z Spa is perfect for spending some quality time with your friends and even children.
The package includes everything you need to have your own spa experience in your home, the Lay-Z Spa is so durable that you can even sit on its sides while soaking up some much needed sunshine and warmth.
(Some may say that the instructions provided to set up this hot tub may be hard to follow while others say it’s easy to follow, if you do have trouble setting up your own hot tub, you may head on over to YouTube or ask a friend who has their own hot tub).
While Coleman cautions users not to use their inflatable hot tub in really freezing temperatures, many owners of this Lay-Z Spa do actually use their hot tubs during cold weather, yes, winter included but of course it is not without taking proper precaution such as wrapping insulating material or fiberglass around the motor or the pump that is attached to the hot tub, the Coleman Lay-Z Spa has been reported to work perfectly well as long as proper insulation and care is observed during cold days.
Not only that, your hot tub isn’t limited to sitting on your deck or backyard, in fact, you can even build around your hot tub by adding an enclosure or even a mini snack bar where you and your friends can enjoy a relaxing day under the warmth of the sun or under a blanket of stars while enjoying some food and drinks.
However, while you are free to customise your hot tub to your heart’s desire, remember that there are limits such as its weight when you fill it with water or where you will put it up, and how you will drain it afterwards.

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