Behind the Bar

If you have never worked, stood or even looked behind a bar, you might want to start paying attention. Yes, there is the glamor-less but mandatory regular stainless-steel sinks, lemon and lime chopping boards, shelves of empty, shiny glasses, a high powered dishwasher that seems to run non-stop and other non-headline items. What you can easily see and should start noticing is not only the layout of wines and liquors but the tools used to measure them. Before long, you will start to see them enter the digital age thanks to Denmark based bar management system company, Provargo.

The Wall Bar Rack

Provargo are leading the liquor dispenser manufacturing industry into a technological revolution, including but not limited to the wall bar rack. Dubbed the “DigiPour Wall Rack”, this new and far improved technology not only helps control the flow of liquid in the beverage business, but using wireless connection, transmits valuable data to its configured transceiver which then sends critical information to a user-friendly database. The wall bar rack records every pour and every bottle change. Two drinks can be accurately dispensed at a time, and it eliminates the need to physically carry around the bottles.

With proven industry results, ProVargo’s wall bar rack has been able to add an extra 10%-20% of turnover, reduced purchasing costs due to over pouring by 5%-10%, and the well-designed visibility of the units have increased liquor sales at an average of 20%.

From Rack to App

The wall bar rack unit’s data is transmitted to ProVargo’s ProCloud database and mobile app. Using these interfaces, users are able to access real-time data on their current inventory status as well as generating daily sales reports. Reports can be customized to produce week to week, month to month and/or year to year sales comparison reports. Sales in different departments, sales by product or sales by staff members can be isolated and examined easily.

The pour to pour management and information collected provides greater control over stocks and inventory. The ProCloud app provides even more instant information by way of notification. Notifications provide crucial information to the user, even on the go. From low running kegs and liquor bottles, to risks of shrinkage, to maintenance-related data, the ProCloud App is an essential component to the complete ProVargo beverage management army of solutions.

ProVargo can work with clients to sync up their point-of-sale system (POS). In doing so, clients use the POS system as way of controlling the amount of beverage dispensing permitted each night thus providing even more control over inventory. When a POS system is connected, the ProCloud App can also notify users of unusual activity not previously recorded via the POS system.

So, next time you ask your friendly local bar-keep for a cocktail, take note of their measurement system. If they have not yet upgraded to ProVargo, it won’t be long before they do.

How Modern Technology Can Add Value To Your Company

There is no question to how technological changes have affected almost every part of our lives today. Imagine how hard life would be today without modern technology such as the smartphone. Thanks to the advances in communication and computer science, almost anything you couldwant are accessible a few clicks away. It is amazing to think that a few years ago, no one thought you would be able to fit a laptop in your pocket or even making a video call to your parents living overseas, for instance. Even watching a movie on a mobile device even while travelling is possible with the technology that we have today. Modern technology has really had an astounding effect on your personal lives, as well as in the business world.


There are many ways modern technology can add value to a company. It can help automate back office functions; such as record keeping, accounting and payroll. Business owners can also use technology to create secure environments for maintaining sensitive business or consumer information. Luckily, many types of business technology or software programs are user-friendly, which allows business owners with a minor background in information technology to use computer hardware and software.


With conference room scheduling software for instance, it is possible for a small company to automate business meetings. This technology helps improve the opportunity forcollaboration. In situations where persons might not be in office physically, e.g. due to teleworking arrangements or off site work assignments, and even to interact with clients, this technology is offering a number of connectivity options that help facilitate continued discussion and collaboration among work teams. Conference rooms can be booked from where ever you are, on almost any Internet-connected device. Even smaller tasks such as the catering process can be managed via these systems.

Modern technologies can also add value to companies by helping withinteraction and participation with workers when absent. With different social media platforms workers can interact with one another to provide excellent services to consumers. So many businesses wouldn’t exist today without access to different social media platforms. Many organisations are beginning to capitalise on the opportunities to secure feedback on their products and services, and even to use the collaborative environment that technology now fosters crowdsourcing initiatives.


It is very evident that modern technology adds value to companies by improving there processes.Using modern technology is becoming a vital part of many companies around the world, so they are not fall behind their competitors.Companies also have more options through which to reallocate their efforts towards critical processes and functions that they must manage, thereby increasing productivity and outputs. The coming years will definitely show up new technologies that will surely continue to change the way we do business.